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LA’s Favorite DJ PAKMAN has a musical passion that he lives for. His unique style of music selection persuades listeners to vibe with him. Performing all over Southern California has inspired him to create a vibe that works with any audience. His reach is to the heart of each individual as they are mesmerized by the lyrics and tone of the music he selects.

Born and raised in Mexico City, PAKMAN has had a life time of musical influences, whether it’s a tropical rhythm, or all the way across to a deep house beat. He has used these influences to create sets that are unique and can take an audience all over the world while being in one single place.

“Every song is a masterpiece, and blending them together creates a museum of masterpieces, and being the curator of these is phenomenal,” PAKMAN states.

His impressive list of performances includes venues from all over Southern California such as: Killarneys, Panama Joes, Joseph’s, BRB Social, La Chuperia, and many more. PAKMAN’s background and surrounding allows him to be an open format DJ that refuses to perform only one category of music. His powerful blending capabilities allows him to perform music for a wide range of audiences and to ensure that everyone is feeling that same positive energy.

“I’m always remembering what it’s like to be a part of the crowd, what it took to get me to feel energized enough to sing the lyrics to a song, which beat made me jump, what did the DJ say on the microphone in order to get me super hyped… and that’s how I decide on what to do on the turntables,” explains PAKMAN.

His overall goal is to ensure that everyone around him is on the same positive wavelength. He wants to provide positivity and joy to everyone he meets and everyone he performs for.

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